The Hockey Postgame Show

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Presenting Red Lines
2-8-2020 UMD home sweep over UNO, Adam Krause recaps sweep, Red Lines
2-1-2020: UMD sweeps at Denver, Adam Krause recaps win, UMD alums attend in Denver, Red Lines
1-11-2020: Short show due to late NFL Playoffs and UMD OT tie. Aired on KJOQ. Jason Herter as guest.
12-7-19 UMD Sweeps UNO, Red Lines, Busy Local Hockey Weekend
11-23-19 - UMD Sweeps CC, Adam Krause recaps weekend, Lack of attendance becomes hot “Redlines-esque topic”
11-16-19 - UMD splits with Miami (OH), Jason Herter recaps win, Callers discuss “Red lines”
11-9-19 - UMD wins vs. Denver (tie Friday), Adam Krause recaps win, Debut of “Redlines”/Open Phone Lines
10/26/19 - UMD sweeps Gophers, Stalock wins for Wild, Adam Krause recaps win, open phone lines
10/19/19 - UMD swept by Wisconsin, Bulldogs fan Jeff Birdseye joins from Madison, Gopher series preview, DO NOT PANIC
10/12/19 - UMD wins over UMASS-Lowell, Wild lose AGAIN, Adam Krause recaps win, previews WI series