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Presenting “Drawing Lines”
“The Hockey Postgame Show” Debut Episode
10-12-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – Players & Coaches turned Analysts, Paul Allen talks Vikings, Pick ’em, Bill Watson talks UMD hockey, College Football, Drawing Lines
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – Prep football show replacing Friday 10/11/19 game broadcast
10-5-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – MN Catastrophic departures, Jim Souhan, Pick ’em, Local Football, Vencie’s Visions/Drawing Lines
9-28-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – Best Postseason Moments for MN franchises, NHL Opener/Pick ’em, MLB Playoff Picture, LaVelle E. Neal III, Vencie Glenn
9-21-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – Fall Sports Wish List, Drawing Lines w/Brad Scott, CSS Homecoming with Bobby Acosta and Zach Edwards, Vikes w/Vencie Glenn, Pick ’em
9-14-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – MN Sports Nightmares past and present, Topher from Inline Marathon, Vikes/Pack, Twins, Tommy Kramer, Drawing Lines
9-6-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – Sports Movie Characters, Paul Allen, NFL Predictions, Vencie Glenn, Drawing Lines
8-31-19 Hour 2 – Safety in Football (Bobby Acosta, Joaquim Harris), Baseball MVP, Drawing Lines, Lavelle E. Neal III
8-31-19 Hour 1 – Best Sports Calendar Month, Football talk at all levels
8-24-19 Hour 2 – Franco Bari CSS Athletic Director, Twins/MLB Playoff Picture, Drawing Lines: NFL Holdouts
8-24-19 Hour 1 – Dynamic Duos, Jim Souhan of Star Tribune and TalkNorth
8-17-19 Hour 2 – Brandon Dahlquist, Twins Talk, Football/Drawing Lines
8-17-19 Hour 1 – “NSPs” — The NSP Prep Awards for last prep season
8-10-19 Hour 2 – Jon Francisco Hockey Camp, Twins Panic? Drawing Lines
8-10-19 Hour 1 – Don’t Stop Believin? Leo Lewis, Wild GM candidates?
8-3-19 Hour 2 – Twin Ports RivALZ Football, Anthony LaPanta, Local Hodge-Podge
8-3-19 Hour 1 – HOF if MLB ended today, Drawing Lines, Wild GM mess
7-27-19 Whole Show COMMERCIAL FREE (Favorites, Clint Johnson, NFL Camps, Bob Davidson, Twins Talk, Ted Kiefat)
7-20-19 Hour 2 – CSS Football Coach Mike Heffernan, Twins/Cooperstown, LaVelle E. Neal III
7-20-19 Hour 1 – Players in their prime, Drawing Lines, NFL Roster Rankings
7-13-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – Best All-Star Moments, Drawing Lines, Kasey Yoder, Dyami Starks, Twins Talk, MLB Awards/Predictions
7-6-19 COMMERCIAL FREE – Most explosive players, Jim Souhan, NBA/NHL Free Agency, Twins Talk, Drawing Lines, Fairway to Heaven
6-29-19 Hour 2 – Rickey Young, Twins Talk, Drawing Lines
6-29-19 Hour 1 “Brushes w/Celebrity,” NBA/NHL Free Agency, CJ Ham
6-22-19 Entire Show COMMERCIAL FREE (City-defining events, NBA/NHL Draft, Topher from Grandma’s Finish Line, Drawing Lines, Twins Talk, Joe Wicklund, Pat Listach)
6-15-19 Entire Show COMMERCIAL FREE (MN-born Mt. Rushmore of Sports Figures, Drawing Lines, Henry Thomas, NBA/NHL, Twins Talk, HS Baseball)
6-8-19 Entire Show COMMERCIAL FREE (LaVelle E. Neal III, Buddy Becker, Rhett McDonald) Universal Sports Rules? Twins Talk, Fairway to Heaven, Prep Sports, NBA/NHL, Drawing Lines on MSHSL Vote
6-1-19 Hour 2 Bill Gedde, Sam Ali, & Drawing Lines
6-1-19 Hour 1 – “The St. Thomas Rule” & Jim Souhan
5-25-19 Hour 2 – Grant Huttel, Drawing Lines, Topher Davis, NBA/NHL/NCAA/Vikes – COMMERCIAL FREE
5-25-19 Hour 1 – Worst Pro Sports Champion Ever? Chad Humphreys, Twins Talk
5-18-19 Hour 2 – Denard Span, Rick Rickert, Drawing Lines, NHL/NFL
5-18-19 Hour 1 – Which MN Pro Team could you do without? College to Pro Coaching? MLB
5-11-19 Hour 2 – Drawing Lines, Dan Duffy, Sr., Cheryl Reeve
5-11-19 Hour 1 “Best Catch/One That Got Away” for MN Sports
5-4-19 Hour 2 “Win Place Show” continues, Topher Davis & Twins Talk
5-4-19 Hour 1 “Win, Place Show” & Erick Strickland, Drawing Lines
4-27-19 Hour 2 (Scott Keenan, Topher Davis, Twins Talk)
4-27-19 Hour 1 (“Check Your Levels,” NFL Draft, Drawing Lines)
4-20-19 Hour 2 COMMERCIAL FREE (Jeff Lahti, Topher Davis, Drawing Lines)
4-20-19 Hour 1 COMMERCIAL FREE (Historical Match-ups, Andy Carlson, Way too early Vikings predictions)
4-13-19 Part 2 – COMMERCIAL FREE (LaVelle E. Neal, Joe Vavra, Drawing Lines, Bonus KJOQ Segment)
4-13-19 Part 1 – Late start on KJOQ (UMD Hockey, Arik Forsman, Claudia Chakamian)
4-6-19 Hour 2 (CSS Baseball w/Corey Kemp, MLB Banter, Drawing Lines)
4-6-19 Hour 1 (Best April Event? Jim Souhan from Final Four)
3-30-19 Hour 2
(Wild, Bracket Busters, Drawing Lines, Baseball w/Lavelle E. Neal)
3-30-19 Hour 1 (NCAA Hoops/Hockey & Bill Watson )
3-23-19 Hour 2
3-23-19 Hour 1
3-16-19 Hour 2
3-16-19 Hour 1 (Jim Souhan w/Brian & Dave – Commercial Free)
3-2-19 Hour 2 Rhett McDonald, Dave (on location), Marc Kroon
3-2-19 Hour 1 Jordan Leopold, Tim Cortes
2-23-19 Hour 2 Erik Lofald, Sam Ali
2-23-19 Hour 1 Brian Jamros
2-16-19 Hour 2 only (Jeff Gunderson, Seth Marsolek)
2-9-19 Hour 2, Rick Rickert, Spring Training preview
2-9-19 Hour 1 (Who’s left in MN Pro Sports? HS Girls Hockey Playoffs)
2-2-19 Hour 2 Carl Lee, Mariah Janos, Bud Joyce, Ashley Hanson
2-2-19 Hour 1 “Groundhog Day” & Twins low-budget all-time team
1-26-19 Hour 2 (Henry Thomas and MLB HOF reaction)
1-26-19 Hour 1 (History of “bad calls,” MSHSL referee Jim Karnas)
1-19-19 Hour 2
1-19-19 Hour 1 (Jobs in Sports, Jim Souhan, Playoff Pick ‘Em)

1-12-19 Hour 2 (NFL PLayoff Pick ‘Em)

1-12-19 Hour 1 (Faces of Franchise All-Time)

1-5-19 Hour 2 (Top 10 of 2018)

1-5-19 Hour 1 (Top 10 of 2018)

12-29-18 Hour 2 (Henry Thomas, Robert Griffith)

12-29-18 Hour 1 (MN Teams Best/Worst Moments of 2018)

12-22-18 Hour 2

12-22-18 Hour 1 (Christmas for Teams)

12-15-18 Hour 2 (Cheryl Reeve, Paul Edmonds, Will Peterson)

12-15-18 Hour 1 (HOF Debate, Jim Souhan)

8/4/18 – Northland Sports Page Weekly Broadcast ft. Former MLB Player George Mitterwald, Sports Journalist Jim Souhan, CSS Football Head Coach George Penree, and Former Duluth-Superior Dukes Owner Jim Wadley





7/28/18 – Northland Sports Page Weekly Broadcast ft. Benilde-St. Margaret’s Boys’ Hockey Coach Ken Pauly




7/21/18 – Northland Sports Page Weekly Broadcast ft. John Shuster!!



7/14/18 – Northland Sports Page Weekly Broadcast



7/7/18 – Northland Sports Page Weekly Broadcast


6/30/18 – Northland Sports Page with Dave and Topher in-studio and Brian from Chicago


6/23/18 – Northland Sports Page Featuring Duluth Marshall Baseball Coach Joe Wicklund


6/16/18 – Northland Sports Page Featuring Olympian Kara Goucher, Inline Marathon Race Director Mike Ward, and Huskies Manager Tyger Pederson


6/9/18 – Northland Sports Page Weekly Broadcast w/ Brian Prudhomme, Dave Cook, and Topher Davis


6/2/18 – Featuring Tim Madsen, New Head Coach, St. Scholastic Hockey


5/19/18 – Featuring Mark Carlson, PGA Pro and Nemadji Golf Club GM, and a return from Topher!